Halo Belt 2.0 could make biking and walking at night much safer

The new and improved LED illuminated safety belt is not only rechargeable and brighter than its predecessor, but the key to saving over 270,000 pedestrians who are killed on the roads each year. Whether worn like a normal belt or slung across the shoulder, Halo Belt 2.0 provides optimum visibility for runners, joggers, cyclists, motorcyclists and more. Although reflective vests and other safety gear have been around for years, they’re only visible when lights are projected directly at them.

More than 5,000 cyclists and pedestrians are killed and 120,000 are injured every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many of these could be prevented with reflective jackets—the neon-colored vests highway construction workers often wear— but such jackets require enough light to be reflective in the first place. A new kickstarter-funded safety device, The Halo Belt 2.0, is designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists in all light conditions. It’s an extremely bright LED strap with a long-lasting battery, and can be worn several ways: around the waist, over the shoulders or slung over one arm. Halo Belt creator Vincent Ng quickly flew past his Kickstarter goal of $10,000; he’s now past $100,000 with nearly 2,000 backers. The fundraising campaign ends April 27th.

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  • David

    So which is it, are 270K or 5K pedestrians killed every year?