Nike denies FuelBand shutdown rumors, confirms layoffs however

Rumors surfaced over the weekend that Nike was disbanding its FuelBand hardware division to focus solely on fitness-related software. The athletic apparel giant responded to the news and admitted that while there were some layoffs, the company was still committed to the Nike+ FuelBand SE with plans to release new colors and sell it for the foreseeable future. Nike’s response isn’t terribly reassuring as there is no mention of whether or not the company actually plans to release new products in the FuelBand line moving forward.

Nike confirmed a “small number” of layoffs in its digital sports division, but attempted to tamp down a CNET report late Friday that said the company was shuttering the hardware side of its FuelBand team. “The Nike+ FuelBand SE remains an important part of our business,” the company said in a statement emailed to Re/code. “We will continue to improve the Nike+ FuelBand App, launch new METALUXE colors, and we will sell and support the Nike+ FuelBand SE for the foreseeable future.” The language does seem to leave a whole lot of room, however, for the possibility that the Portland athletic apparel giant won’t release future products in the FuelBand line. One source with knowledge of the situation said that it could be that Nike wants to be able to run down its inventory of devices, or that it still has not completely decided to shutter the unit.

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