Samsung accused of misleading investors about Galaxy Tab sales

New evidence from the second Apple vs Samsung U.S. patent lawsuit reveals that Samsung grossly misrepresented its Galaxy Tab sales when it first started selling Galaxy-branded Android tablets, Fortune reports. In early January 2011, a report from Strategy Analytics citing comments made to investors by a Samsung executive said that Samsung had shipped 2 million Galaxy Tabs in under six weeks. 

We were skeptical in January 2011 when Strategy Analytics reported — based on a vague comment made to investors by a Samsung vice president — that the company had already shipped 2 million Galaxy Tabs, reducing Apple’s (AAPL) market share to 75% from 95% in less than six weeks. Our headline that week: Android grabs 22% tablet share – not! This week we learned, thanks to a February 2012 internal Samsung document marked “top secret” and unearthed by Apple as part of its ongoing patent infringement proceedings, that we were right and those more credulous news outlets were wrong.

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