Tidy Photo app helps you organize the photos on your smartphone

A new app can help you better organize photos on your smartphone by sorting them into albums based on distance, time or shape. The Tidy Photo app would group all the photos from a recent vacation together and pictures taken near or at work will be put together. The photos can also be organised by their types such as panoramas, squares, screenshots, portrait or landscape. Once grouped, the users can then decide if those photos merit their own album and swipe right to create it.  

Tidy Photo is a mix between functionality of Mailbox and nostalgia of Timehop. Smartphone photo albums are exploding and users need a better way to sort and thus enjoy their photos. The camera in your smartphone is one of its best features, but the photos are catching up with us. If you have photos by the thousands of everything from last month’s vacation to a picture of your home Wi-Fi password, you might appreciate Tidy Photo app, which aims to help you sort the trove. The app sorts the photos on your smartphone by distance, time or shape (i.e., panorama) — so my pictures from a recent vacation in San Francisco naturally grouped together, along with photos I’d taken at a wedding in the region a year prior.

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