Dish might go after T-Mobile if Sprint's acquisition attempt fails

We have been hearing the rumors that Sprint could be getting ready to announce their plans to acquire T-Mobile. This is hardly a secret as both companies have discussed such a possibility in the past, although it seems that regulators aren’t exactly thrilled at the prospect, which means that the deal could be dead even before it is officially announced. That being said, if the deal does fall through, Dish Network’s Chairman, Charles Ergen, has announced that the company would consider bidding on T-Mobile. 

For the last few years, Dish Network Chairman Charles Ergen has wanted to turn Dish into a wireless carrier. Last year, Ergen was shot down twice when Dish was outbid by SoftBank for Sprint, and outbid by Sprint for Clearwire. Many wondered how sincere Ergen was about those two offers since they both were not financed. Ergen also has tried to purchase bankrupt third party network provider LightSquared only to see another party interfere. But there was some good news earlier this year, when Dish finally won an auction for H-Block spectrum for $1.56 billion. This would make Dish the fifth largest holder of spectrum. At the time, Ergen said that he would let Sprint go after T-Mobile. 

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