Google Now begins helping you go shopping

How often does it happen that you searched for something online, didn’t find it and eventually forgot all about it? Google wants to change that by reminding you about your online searches while you shop in real life. The feature is being packed into the latest update for the Google Search app on Android and is in the form of a new Google Now card. The card pops up when you are near a store with the same product, that you searched for on Google earlier.

Google Now, the company’s awesome take on the digital personal assistant, just got a little better. The service already reminds you when it’s time to catch a flight or where you parked the car, and now it can even help with your shopping. Google Now can track any items you’ve searched for in the past and will then let you know when they’re in stock at a nearby store. The new Google Now feature works by tracking both your search history and the GPS in your smartphone. Once you’ve searched for an item, Google will keep an eye out for any nearby stores that carry it and push updates to your phone. Once you see an update, just drop by the store to see if they have the item in stock.

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