Cyanogen has added a few industry veterans to its executive line-up

The team at Cyanogen had initially started out by offering custom ROMs for Android phones and users who did not want the version of Android that OEMs shipped with. The community surrounding Cyanogen has since grown over the years and with the ROM supporting more Android handsets with every release. In fact they have grown to the point where they have spun out into their own company, Cyanogen Inc., and released devices like the Oppo N1 and the OnePlus One. However it looks like their plans aren’t stopping there, thanks to the recent hiring of several industry veterans. In a post on their official blog, Cyanogen Inc. announced that they have made three new hires recently.

Despite questions on how exactly the company plans on becoming a profitable, sustainable business well into the future, Cyanogen Inc continues to expand today with the announcement of several key hires that should help establish the startup as a well managed company. Announced in a blog post on the official Cyanogen Inc website, Cyanogen has hired Dave Herman as Vice President of Product, Tyler Carper as Vice President of Engineering and Vik Natarajan as Vice President of Global Partnerships and Distribution. The post announcing the new hires summarizes their backgrounds as follows: VP of Product is Dave Herman, a talented consumer services veteran who previously held leadership roles at Hulu, Amazon and Microsoft where he pioneered a number of loved products. VP of Engineering Tyler Carper, most recently Director of Engineering at HTC responsible for the team that built many of their software innovations. He also ran a tour of duty at MSFT focused on Xbox. VP Global Partnerships & Distribution, Vik Natarajan who joins us from MediaTek where he was VP Corporate Marketing, managing ecosystem partnerships globally for one of the worlds leading makers of SOCs. Prior to that he spent a number of years at Broadcom.

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