Google has launched a developer preview for the Android L update

In what is a change to its usual manner of handling new Android releases, Google has announced a developer preview of the upcoming Android L release. Previous the search giant would unveil a new version of its platform at the I/O event, making it available for download almost immediately. Now, we’ve got a developer preview that will only serve for developers to play with and optimize their apps with the actual public release coming later on. The Android L brings various changes to the UI, with refreshed status bar, dialer, and just about every other system apps. Google has also redesigned the transition animations so they look cooler and more natural.

Fresh from launching at Google I/O a few days ago, a developer preview of Android ‘L’ is now available for users to test on either the Nexus 5 or 2013 Nexus 7. Alongside the developer preview, a preview SDK for Android L has been released as well as the final Android Wear SDK. If you’re planning on installing the Android L developer preview, you’ll need to head to the Android developer website where there are instructions on how to flash the software image to your device. Be prepared for a bit of command line though, as it’s not quite as easy as installing an over-the-air update. One of the key features of Android L for upcoming smartphones and tablets is support for 64-bit computing, with the developer preview allowing you to test an “experimental” 64-bit system image on the Android emulator. Android L will support the latest 64-bit chips from Intel, ARM and MIPS. Intel expects that tablets running Android L and utilizing their already 64-bit compatible Bay Trail parts will be available towards the end of the year, while Cherry Trail, Moorefield and Merrifield SoCs will also be compatible.


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