Sony will soon allow smart TV owners to stream games without a console

Sony has been testing its PlayStation Now cloud streaming game service for months, with a select group of players testing it out on the PS3 and PS4. On Monday, that group will expand to include owners of some of Sony’s 2014 TVs, including all 4K Ultra HD sets and some of the 1080p models. As a part of the PlayStation Pilot Service, that means that if they live in the continental US, they can play PS3 games with just an internet-connected TV and a DualShock 3 controller plugged in via USB. Trying games out that way might not save a ton of dough however, prices for renting a title can range between $3 and $20, but it does mean one fewer box is needed in the entertainment center. Of course, Sony also mentions that its family of funky wedge-shaped Bravias are available in its Best Buy in-store experiences along with its 4K Ultra HD Media Player.

Sony will soon widen the availability of its PlayStation Now game streaming service to more than just consoles. Starting Monday, Sony plans to open PlayStation Now to owners of select 2014 Sony TV models under a program called the Private Pilot Service. Announced in January, PlayStation Now currently offers gamers the chance to play PlayStation 3 games over the Internet—no physical disc or digital download required. The service is currently in a closed beta with a select number of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users. Sony hasn’t said specifically which select TV models the new pilot program will include, but it will cover some 1080p Bravia sets and 4K Ultra HD TVs. Presumably most, if not all, of those models will be part of the early PlayStation Now test. The beauty of PlayStation Now for Sony Bravia owners is that you won’t need a console to get in on the gaming action. All that’s required—other than the right TV, of course—is a (solid, speedy) Internet connection and Sony’s DualShock 3 wireless controller. Even without the cost of a console, playing games via PS Now that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll save any money. In fact, it could end up costing you a lot more. As Kotaku recently reported, PlayStation Now pricing is crazy. To play Final Fantasy XIII-2, for example, gamers pay $5 for four hours of game time, or up to $30 for 90 days of streaming access.

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