The TrackingPoint app for Google Glass helps you shoot around corners

Google is doing everything it can to push Glass onto the masses, even enlisting well-known fashion designers to make it look more “chic.” But beyond its looks, the real selling-point will come through its functionality: can Google convince consumers they need a face computer? Will their lives be better with it? That remains a hot-button topic—and it’s getting even more controversial thanks to so-called “smart gun” support. Through a precision-guided firearm, Austin-based TrackingPoint Solutions has enabled Glass support with its ShotView system, giving anyone with a Wi-Fi-enabled gadget the ability to basically fire at targets from around corners.

TrackingPoint turns Glass into a remote sight for aiming around corners. Google Glass has lots of potential in professional fields, and for better or worse, that includes military applications. TrackingPoint, an Austin-based company that adds aim assistance technology to firearms, is showing off how Google Glass could be used as a remote rifle sight. In a video on YouTube, a shooter uses Glass to effortlessly aim from behind cover, with a view of the target appearing on the screen in front of his right eye. TrackingPoint hasn’t actually made Glass integration available yet, though the company can already stream its scope views to a tablet directly over Wi-Fi. Glass integration is currently in the testing phase, and it seems like the next logical step now that anyone can buy a Glass prototype.

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