Uber has finally arrived on Windows Phone

Better late than never, or so the saying goes. For those of you who are rocking to Windows Phone, you need not fret any longer since Uber is finally available for this particular platform of your choice. Touted to be the “private driver” in over 40 countries, we have heard stories on how Uber is changing the way one commutes to work, although during those moments when you let your hair down, it might end up costing you more instead.

Uber is pretty much everywhere these days, as its on-demand ride service is available in more than 150 cities in 40 countries around the world. But until today, there was one place you couldn’t find Uber — in the Windows Phone Store. The four-year old startup has changed that, succumbing to the platform boredom that comes when you’re already on devices that make up about 95 percent of the overall smartphone market share in the world. Today it’s reaching for that incremental last 5 percent, with a native app available on the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone users could previously access Uber through a mobile web site, but the new app will give them the same type of native access that everyone else in the world already enjoys. Sources say people in the Seattle Redmond area are dancing in the streets. Next up, Blackberry!

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