Microsoft has republished a pulled Windows update

Microsoft has decided to introduce, or should we say, reintroduce a patch that was removed earlier this month after that installation of that patch resulted in boot failures. Needless to say, whatever bugs that were in there have been squashed as promised, so all should be smooth sailing from now on, fingers crossed, that is. In the kernel-mode security update KB2982791, there were a trio of known issues, where among them include the locking down of the fonts folder in Windows, the incorrect rendering of system fonts on Windows 8, 8.1, 8.1 RT and Server 2012 R2.

Microsoft said Thursday that users can once again download an update that the company fixed, after crashes forced the company to pull it about a week ago. Microsoft pulled its August Update after the update caused Windows systems with the patch applied to be locked in to using specific fonts. More serious, however, were reports that the update caused the PC’s operating system to hang or crash. Microsoft had previously decided to issue feature updates as part of its monthly security patches, rather than rolling them up into a large, noteworthy release. Microsoft had described the report as part of Security Bulletin MS14-045, which it re-released on Wednesday. “This month we had our first roll out with additional non-security updates,” Tracey Pretorius, a director with Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, explained in a blog post. “A small number of customers experienced problems with a few of the updates. As soon as we became aware of some problems, we began a review and then immediately pulled the problematic updates, making these unavailable to download. We then began working on a plan to rerelease the affected updates.”

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