Pivotal is bringing it cloud services to mobile

Add Pivotal to the list of tech players adding mobile services to its development platform. Last week, the company announced Pivotal CF Mobile Services, which aims to enable developers to build push notifications into their applications; an API gateway to let them incorporate an array of third-party services; and data synchronization to give those apps access to lots of data types. The service, which builds on the Pivotal acquisition of Xtreme Labs last year, will be available sometime this quarter.

Given that the BYOD (bring-your-own-device) and mobile-first strategies are basically old hat in enterprise tech by now, it might seem a bit surprising that Pivotal is only just now extending its reach to mobile. Nevertheless, the EMC-backed initiative launched in 2013 appears to be ready to tackle the mobile platform full force with the introduction of Pivotal CF Mobile Services. The extra channel essentially brings the Platform-as-a-Service to a new access point, designed to encourage developers to use Pivotal CF for building data-driven enterprise apps. These developers could have extra support and education on the mobile services thanks to Pivotal’s Cloud Platform Roadshow, also announced on Wednesday as a series of workshops in more than a dozen major cities from Los Angeles to Munich through the end of the year. The project also builds off of Pivotal’s first acquisition last fall, mobile products developer Xtreme Labs, suggesting the mobile portfolio has been nearly a year in the making and counting.

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