Samsung and Nike have teamed up to create a smartwatch running app

The folks over at Samsung has joined forces with sporting giant Nike, and the two have worked to roll out the Nike+ Running App that ought to keep fitness buffs interested. The Nike+ Running App will play nice with the recently announced Samsung Gear S, where this app will make use of the new Samsung Gear S’ integrated Bluetooth and 3G connectivity features in order to deliver Nike’s best in class running experience to Gear S users right from the get go. It does not matter if you happen to indulge yourself in a little bit of casual running, or are serious in keeping track about every single jog that you make each time you put on your pair of running shoes. Apart from that, it will also let you arrive at your pre-determined goals earlier on, and you can share your ups and downs (data-wise) through the app’s updates with your family and friends.

Sadly the summer is winding down, with Labor Day weekend having arrived. But that means the best time of the year for runners is now on the horizon, with cooler autumn weather. To get you ready for this time of year, Samsung has struck up a deal with Nike. This deal brings together one of the top phone makers and a famous running shoe manufacturer. The two are teaming up for a new Nike+ app that will be coming to the Samsung smartwatch platform. “Samsung Electronics, in partnership with NIKE, Inc., today introduced the Nike+ Running App for the newly announced Samsung Gear S. The innovative app utilizes the new Samsung Gear S’ built-in Bluetooth and 3G connectivity features to bring Nike’s best in class running experience to Gear users for the first time”, the hardware maker announces. This eliminates the need to take your phone with you on a run — something many of us do, using apps such as MapMyRun to track everything. The new app will be pre-installed on the Gear S smartwatch that Samsung has recently released. This means runners can easily check information while on the move — distance, pace, heart rate and time are all included. In fact, the app even integrates a music player, so customers can select playlists with a tap. “We are very excited to welcome the Nike+ Running App to Samsung’s Gear portfolio,” says Chan Woo Park, Vice President of Product Strategy Team in the Mobile Division at Samsung.

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