Analysts predict a host of cool announcements at Apple’s upcoming event

In general, the anticipations of analysts are things you can safely ignore, but a new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuois worth a look, especially given his track record of successfully predicting Apple’s product roadmap – and according to Kuo, there’s a lot in store for us next week at Apple’s special event, including a new iPad. So far, we’ve generally been hearing that the event on Tuesday, September 9 will play host to the reveal of new iPhones, as well as a new Apple wearable. But Kuo also says there will be an iPad Air 2 at the event, which would mean this is an especially action-packed affair. It could also mean Apple intends to get all of its fall product announcements out in one go this year, instead of spreading them out over two events across September and October as it has generally done in recent years.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in a report this morning, states that both 4.7- and 5.5-inch models of theiPhone 6 will be launched next week and will both offer 128GB storage option. If Apple retains its usual three-tier structure this would suggest 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models – though it could be that 128GB would be a fourth tier, as with its iPad Air models. Or, as a previous report suggested, Apple could keep the 16GB option as a very low price tier and skip 32GB. The same report predicts that the iPad Air 2 will be announced on the same day as the iPhone 6 rather than in a separate event in October. In this scenario, Apple would forgo any physical updates to the iPad mini line (perhaps price drops?). If true, this suggests that it could be a relatively minor refresh, perhaps simply with Touch ID added and a marginally thinner casing along with the RAMbumped up to 2GB for things like split window multitasking. Kuo also predicts that the power button – moved to the side – could be a programmable multi-function key, perhaps launching a specific app in response to a long or short press. He also expects the phone to have a barometer, which could take breath measurements as part of the health focus or be involved in weather. This echoes an earlier 9to5mac report.


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