Android L reportedly stands for Android Lollipop

How times has flies, the Internet search giant that is known as Google has just turned 16 years old earlier this month, and the company traditionally celebrates its birthday on September 27th despite that not being the actual date. After all, until the year 2005, Google had always noted its birthday to fall on September 7th, which is the right deal anyways as that happens to be the day in which it was incorporated.

Yesterday was Google’s 16th birthday. To celebrate, they topped a birthday cake with lollipops. Anyone remotely interested in Android would know that “Android L” – the upcoming version of Android that follows Kit Kat – has yet to officially get its dessert name. Although “Lollipop” was considered a strong favorite, some still held on to the notion that Lemon Meringue Pie would… take the cake. Nobody tops cakes with lollipops, so this is a pretty obvious tipping of the hand. Unless, of course, the lollipops are a diversion to take our focus off the actual official name… “Layer Cake”? We’re pretty sure it’s going to be Android Lollipop, but feel free to leave your guesses and speculation in the comments!

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