Beats celebrates LeBron’s return to Cleveland

The NBA season is set to tip off on October 28th and Beats is ready to celebrate with a new epic ad all about King James’ return to Cleveland. The long cinematic ad is similar to Beats’ incredible World Cup ad, and flashes between LeBron’s fierce workout regimen he went through this summer, while rocking the Beats earbuds of course, as well as showing spurts from his past like St. Vincent-St. Mary high school, his old Spring Hill apartments, and his mom.

You wear headphones to shut out the world. You wear Beats headphones to shut out the world, while simultaneously shouting to it that it isn’t as cool as you are. Some wondered that when Beats was bought by Apple its slightly, brash rebellious nature might alter. Please don your robe and wig and judge Beats’ new ad featuring LeBron James. Should you have been recently detained in solitary confinement by mounted police in Manitoba, you might not know that James spent a few years in Miami being glamorous. He’s returning this year to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers in order for his life to regain depth. It was billed as a return to roots, to soul and to making Cleveland interesting again.


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By Lorie Wimble

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