Blackphone makers are working on a privacy-focused tablet

Silent Circle, the developer of the privacy-focused Blackphone, has announced that it is entering the tablet market. Jon Callas, co-founder of the company, told the BBC that the device would be ready soon, and also hinted that additional smartphones are also in development. Callas admitted that, since its launch in June of this year, the Blackphone had demonstrated limited appeal, but sales figures suggested demand was growing.

The company behind the privacy-focused Blackphone has told Newsbeat it is planning to release a tablet. Jon Callas, co-founder of Silent Circle which makes the anti-snooping device, said “we are going to have a tablet soon”. The Blackphone offers users encrypted calls, text messages and extra protection when browsing the web. Mr Callas hinted there could also be further versions of the Blackphone in the works. “Blackphone as it is, is our first device not our last device,” he said. Since going on sale in June 2014, the Blackphone has been selling “very well” according to Jon, but he admitted the device has limited appeal. “We expect that it is going to be a niche, but it’s a larger niche every day.”

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