Onyx smartwatch uses e-ink display for improved battery life

Most smartwatches these days tend to have relatively short battery life. This is due to their displays which are usually quite bright and stunning, which unfortunately at the same time also drains its batteries pretty fast. While not as pretty, devices like the Pebble smartwatch offer an alternative due to its e-ink display that offers slightly longer battery life.

Onyx is a company that has been making digital readers with E ink screens for a while now. The benefit of using an E Ink screen on a device is that battery power is only needed when the watch refreshes the display. That means it can run longer on a single charge. Onyx has unveiled a new prototype smartwatch that uses an E Ink display. That screen is a 1.56-inch unit and the smartwatch itself is waterproof. The device syncs with a smartphone using Bluetooth and has built in apps like a pedometer.

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By Lorie Wimble

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