Motorola wants to make sure you never lose your keys again

I misplace my phone. A lot. I often put it down in my apartment and five minutes later forget where it is. That leads to a lot of panicked situations with me turning my living room inside out. A new gadget from Motorola hopes to prevent these incidents, and put forgetful people like me at ease. Called Motorola Keylink, the small device is designed to attach to your keychain, and connect to your phone using the company’s Connect app.

Motorola is doing its part to help you find your keys. Keylink, which pairs with the Motorola Connect app, is a $24.99 Bluetooth-enabled device that helps you track down your lost keys or almost anything else you attach it to. You can make Keylink ring by activating it from the app (as long as the lost keys — or item in question — is in a 100-foot range). Motorola launched the device on Wednesday. It works in reverse, too. If you lose your phone, Keylink has a button that will make your phone ring — again, if it’s closer than 100 feet away. If you have a second-generation Moto X, a Droid Turbo, or a phone running Android Lollipop, Keylink will work as an authentication device, allowing you to forego entering your password. Keylink is powered by a coin cell battery, which Motorola says lasts about a year. You can order it from Motorola’s website or at T-Mobile. The Keylink app is available for both iOS and Android.

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By Connor Livingston

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