Robotics could be the key to revitalizing Japan’s manufacturing sector

Japan used to be the world leader where robotic technology is concerned, but their grip on the crown looks set to be slipping, as their supremacy in this particular field is beginning to see cracks appear due to other rival robot producing countries that are making leaps and bounds in terms of technological advancements. Hence, in order to stop the proverbial rot, the Japanese government are pumping in monetary investments to make sure that their maintain their edge in the industry.

Once the undisputed world leader in robotic technology, Japan’s supremacy in the field is being challenged by rival robot producing countries. Now the government is pouring money into regaining that place to ensure the robot age starts in Japan. Pepper is the world’s first emo robot and represents a huge leap in artificial intelligence. It can read facial expressions, voice tones and body language and then respond. At Omotosando, an upmarket shopping district in Tokyo, Pepper works in a mobile phone store doing market research. Pepper told one woman: “You’re very lovely – do people say that to you often? Now it’s your turn to compliment me! What do you think of my face?” And then later joked with a male customer: “So you want to become Pepper? Well you’ve got shave off your chest hair and smear white paint over your body and then strip off your clothes.” Pepper is designed to be cute. He stands about 120 centimetres tall and has big puppy dog eyes. On sale for $2,000 from next year, Pepper is sure to be big seller. As a household robot, Pepper will do the washing, the vacuuming and all the mundane chores with a smile.

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