Intel invests $24.8 million into smart eyewear-maker Vuzix

Considering how Intel is going to be putting its processors into Google Glass and is also partnering with Luxottica to create some high-tech glasses, it’s pretty clear that the company is interested in the smartglasses market. That’s why it’s no surprise that Intel has recently announced a $24.8 million investment into internet-connected eyewear-maker Vuzix.

Intel’s push into wearables continues. The chipmaker has officially invested $24.8 million into Vuzix, purchasing enough common shares to represent 30 percent or so of Vuzix’s outstanding stock. “Intel’s investment will be used for general working capital to accelerate the introduction of Vuzix next generation fashion-based wearable display products into the consumer market,” reads a press release from Vuzix. Intel’s move is yet another high-profile entry point for the company into the not-yet-crowded world of computerized headwear and other wearables. As the Wall Street Journal reported last November, Intel chips will allegedly power the next iteration of Google Glass whenever it’s released, kicking Texas Instruments to the curb (whose chips can be found in the first iteration of Google Glass).

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