OnePlus could be expanding into smart gadgets and wearables

Inspired by the surprising success of its flagship-killer smartphone last year, OnePlus has decided to take things to the next level this year by expanding into other kinds of consumer electronics. While the company has previously denied that it’s working on a tablet, a new survey today suggests that it’s considering releasing its own smart gadgets and wearables.

OnePlus is using a thorough online survey to get feedback from its customers, and in the process it’s giving us some insight into what kinds of non-smartphone products the company has its eye on for the future. If the company’s survey questions are any indication of impending reality, we could eventually see OnePlus wearable devices and smart home products. Early Saturday morning, OnePlus emailed customers an “Experience Survey” to gather opinions and feedback about what the company has done so far. “It will be essential for our next steps in improving the OnePlus experience,” according to the company’s email.

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