What is the Rise and Shine app and why is it so awesome?

Getting woken up by an alarm is probably one of the most jarring and unpleasant experiences, and many people have to deal with it every single day. In order to alleviate some of that unpleasantness and help get your day off to a good start, the Rise and Shine app will only turn your alarm off after you look into the front-facing camera and smile. 

No one wants to be jarred awake by the sound of their alarm clock. That is the recipe for getting your day off to a horrific start. But Rise and Shine is an alarm clock app for the Apple iPhone that is bound to get your day off to a good start. The app does this because it refuses to turn off until it sees you smile. And how bad can a day go when you start it off with a grin?¬†Because the app uses the front-facing shooter on your iPhone to check for your smile, it also will take a picture of that moment when you, ahem, Rise and Shine each morning. And you can send those pictures to your friends and family using email or social media. And there is a full photo editor for these “bedhead” photos.

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By Louie Baur

+Louie Baur is Editor at Long Beach Louie, a Long Beach Restaurant Review site as well as Skateboard Park. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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