Get a slice of the pizza marketplace

Pizza Marketplace

As the number one dinner food in the US, pizza is a $40 billion industry. Approximately 17% of all US restaurants are pizza based, 93% of Americans eat a minimum of one whole pizza per month, and 350 slices of pizza are eaten by Americans every second. What can we say, we take our pizza seriously. But what made pizza into the business it is today?

Pizza Marketplace

Aside from being a delicious meal for any occasion, the pizza industry has something special that other industries can’t replicate. Always topping the charts for delivered foods, pizza jumped into cyberspace with online ordering. Now customers are just a few clicks away from a fresh pizza delivered right to their door, growing 300% faster than what dine-in is.

Today it’s the number one most ordered food online with online customers more likely to order again within 60 days. Not only did technology change the way people order pizza, it also opened up a whole new revenue stream. Customers who order online are more likely to order more pizza, as well as ordering more frequently. For many businesses this has added exponential sales just from adding an “order online” option.

Take a look at this piece about the pizza marketplace and what we can learn from its success. Thoughts or comments? We’d love to hear from you, so tell us what you think and share this infographic with your friends.

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Infographic and Header Photo courtesy of Pizza Marketplace

By Brian Wallace

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