More than half of all classroom computers are Chromebooks

Chromebooks may not be all that popular at work or home, but at schools, Chromebooks are absolutely dominating. According to a report from Futuresource Consulting, more than half of all the computers in American classrooms are now Chromebooks, and that growth has been at the expense of OS X and Windows devices. The same report claims that Apple’s share of the educational market has dropped from 52% to 24% since 2012, while Microsoft’s share has dropped from 43% to 24%. 

In 2012, the Google Chromebook was a rare sight in a classroom. In actual fact, under one percent of devices seen in schools was a Google Chromebook. Skip forward to late 2015 and this figure has climbed to over fifty percent. The Chromebook has been selling in huge numbers to the education system. The Chromebook has significantly outsold the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac platform, and the sales success has surprised even Google. Rajen Sheth, Director of Product Management for the Android and Chrome platforms in business and education, said this on the matter: “It’s been amazing to us to see that growth happen just in that short amount of time.If you look at the overall market for devices in education, it’s actually expanded a lot and Chromebooks have actually taken a lot of the expansion.” This rapid expansion has been at the expense of the Microsoft and Apple competitors: Apple’s market share has dropped from fifty two percent to twenty four, and Microsoft’s share has reduced from forty three to twenty four percent.

By Carl Durrek

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