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Apple Exerts Power as Privacy Protector
If You Want to Sue Apple Over FaceTime Eavesdropping and Live in Canada, Now's your Chance
Apple’s Strongest Business Faces One Major Problem
Apple Updates Stores to Include Today at Apple Sessions 'to Help Communities Be More Creative'
IDG Contributor Network: Has Apple Become IBM in the ‘80s?
Qualcomm Wants Apple to Pay Dearly for Selling iPhones in Germany
Apple Manufacturing Partner Expecting 'IPad Mini 5' Orders Soon
Apple Stops Enabling iOS Downgrades
Google’s Also Peddling a Data Collector Through Apple’s Back Door
Apple Bans Facebook from Tech Tools for Tracking Teen Browsing Habits
Apple to Lower iPhone Prices in Some International Markets that were Most Impacted by Currency Fluctuations
Apple Music Subscribers Don't Have to Buy Wi-Fi to Listen on American Airlines
Fact: Apple Reveals it has 900 Million iPhones in the Wild
Cook Reaffirms Apple's Plans for Original TV Content
Apple Says There are 1.4 Billion Active Apple Devices 
Apple’s Group FaceTime: A Place for Spies?
Angela Ahrendts Discusses Apple's Experiential Retail Strategy in New Interview
Chemical Problems Cause Defective Chips for Apple Supplier
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