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Facebook Appeals £500,000 Penalty Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Facebook Under Fire for Allowing Man in South Sudan to Make Post Auctioning Teen Daughter as Child Bride
Facebook's Definers Fall Guy was Already on his Way Out
Facebook's WhatsApp Names Ezetap Co-founder Abhijit Bose as India Head
Facebook Releases Memo on PR Firm, George Soros and Antisemitism Claims
Facebook Appeals Cambridge Analytica Fine
Facebook has Poached the DoJ’s Silicon Valley Antitrust Chief
Facebook Criticised for Post Promoting Child Bride Auction
Facebook has Found its Fall Guy for its Definers Scandal
Russian Firm Linked to Election Meddling Sues Facebook Over Ban
Here are the Scandals and Other Incidents that Have Sent Facebook's Share Price Tanking in 2018
Facebook and Instagram Continue to Struggle with Major Outage
Do You Work for Facebook? What is the Mood Like?
'Facebook's Got a Big Job Cleaning it up': Former Board Member Donald Graham
Facebook Rolls Out Time Spent Dashboard
Read the Mud-slinging Pitches Facebook’s PR Firm Sent Us 
Facebook’s Former CSO Says that the US Must ‘come Together to Protect’ Democracy from Misinformation
Facebook-New York Times Fight Gets Ugly: Social Network Slams Newspaper's 'Inaccuracies'
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