Facebook stories

Bumble will Allow Users to Log in Without Facebook
The Problems with Facebook are Inherent in its Design, but that Can Change
Facebook Points Finger at Google and Twitter for Data Collection
Facebook Tracks You even if You're not a User, and You Can't Really do Anything About it
No, Facebook is not Eavesdropping on You Through your Smartphone
Bumble Drops Facebook Login Requirement
No, Facebook is not Eavesdropping on You Through your Smartphone
Is Facebook Listening to Us?
Facebook Ad Feature Claims to Predict User's Future Behaviour
Consumer Watch: A Privacy Checkup for Facebook Security
No, You Can't Eat the Facebook Cookies
I Downloaded the Data Facebook has on Me. Yikes.
What Does Facebook Know About You?
Facebook is Starting to Copy More Features from Instagram
Apple Loop: Stunning New iPhone Leaks, Three Risky iPhones for 2018, Facebook Prepares Apple Strike
Facebook Doesn't Need to Listen Through your Microphone to Serve You Creepy Ads
Let's Put this Rumor to Bed: Facebook is not Spying on You Through your Phone's Microphone
Medium's Latest iOS Release Notes are all About Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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