Facebook stories

Facebook Sued for Allegedly Enabling Human Trafficking
Facebook Extends Account Deletion Grace Period from 14 to 30 Days
Facebook Marketplace Gets New AI-powered Features
Facebook Users Can Now Ask for a ‘second Look’ at Content Moderation Decisions Involving Bullying
FBI Vs. Facebook Messenger: What’s at Stake?
Facebook Says Hackers Did not Access Other Sites that Use its Login
Shut Facebook and Twitter Down for 6 Weeks Before Elections
The Facebook Hack is an Internet-Wide Failure
U.S. Tech Sector Getting by Without Facebook and Alphabet
WhatsApp to Start Filling up with Ads Just like Facebook
German Antitrust Watchdog Eyes Steps Against Facebook this Year
Facebook Wins, Facebook Losses, and More Security News this Week
Relike Lets You Turn a Facebook Page into a Newsletter
The Morning After: Facebook Got Hacked
Facebook Hack Exposed Info on up to 50 Million Users
Cyber Saturday-Facebook Hack, Spotify Data Prying, China Election Meddling
Sorry, not Sorry: The Problem with Facebook’s Sorry Campaign
I Tried Facebook’s New Oculus Quest VR Headset. Here’s What it was like
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