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6 Big Things to Consider as Facebook Rethinks its News Feed
Facebook Shares Slip After News Feed Overhaul
Facebook Reranks Feed to Favor Well-being/discussion, not Time Spent/publishers
Facebook Says Big Changes are Coming to your News Feed
Facebook is Making a Big Change to your News Feed
Facebook Edits Feeds to Bring Less News, More Sharing
Facebook Says it Plans to Transform the News Feed to Promote “meaningful Posts”
Facebook is Changing News Feed to Encourage More 'Meaningful Interactions'
Facebook Wants to Be your Go-to Source for Vetted Local News
Researchers Found a Way into WhatsApp Group Chats
Facebook May Be Ready to Invade your Physical World with an Outrageously Priced Video Device
Facebook's Oculus is Launching a New VR Headset in China
IHeartRadio Unveils Facebook, Samsung Bixby Support at CES 2018
Meet the Woman Who Wants to Make Sure You Watch Facebook
Antisocial Media: Why I Decided to Cut Back on Facebook and Instagram
Investigation Finds Facebook Enforces Hate Speech Unevenly, Facebook then Apologizes
Google and Facebook Broke a Promise to Advertisers
Facebook Apologizes for Uneven Content Moderation that Allows Hate Speech to Fester
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