Facebook stories

Facebook has a Movie Piracy Problem, but it Can’t (or Won’t) do Anything About it
Facebook Says Indonesian User Data not Misused
Facebook will not Remove Fake News
Facebook Should Be Forced to Shut Down WhatsApp and Fix it
Facebook Told to Grant Grieving Mother Access to Daughter's Account
Facebook’s ‘trustworthy’ News is Mostly Anderson Cooper and Fox News
Facebook Tests Augmented Reality Ads on News Feed in U.S
Facebook Opens up ‘overwhelming Data Set’ for Election Research
Facebook Labels Russian Users as ‘interested in Treason’
Facebook is Adding AR Ads, Threatening Snap's Dominance in the Space
Facebook Faces £500k Fine for Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Facebook is Testing a Messenger Feature that Would Identify Suspicious Russian Accounts
Thai Navy SEALs Use Facebook for Nail-biting Updates on Cave Rescue Mission
Facebook Apologizes After a Bug Temporarily Unblocked Blocked Users from Some Accounts
Can Facebook Clean up its Act?
Facebook Hit an All-time High, Marking Full Recovery from Data Scandal
Is Building a Facebook Alternative Worth the Effort? MeWe Thinks so
After Facebook and Google, the EU Tackles... Daylight Savings
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