Facebook stories

Facebook Pulls the Plug on Teen-focused Network Lifestage
Facebook's Translations are Now Powered Completely by AI
Facebook is Paying its Fact-checking Partners Now (and Giving Them a Lot More Work to do)
Facebook Improves News Feed Experience
Facebook Promises New Fake News Measures
Facebook Fight Fake News with Links to Other Angles
Facebook will Soon Start Ranking Faster Loading Webpages Higher in News Feed
Facebook’s Latest News Feed Change Could Push More Publishers to Instant Articles
Facebook is Changing its News Feed to Favor Websites that Load Faster
Facebook's New-Graduate Hires Help Diversify Workforce
Facebook Pulls Plug on Language-inventing Chatbots? The TRUTH
Facebook Sees Minimal Growth in Diversity, Says They 'Desperately' Want a Change
No, Facebook's Chatbots will not Take Over the World
Facebook’s Black Employee Representation has Increased for the First Time since 2014
Facebook Said to Be Working on Dedicated Video Chat Device
Facebook Didn't Kill its Language-building AI Because it was Too Smart-it was Actually Too Dumb
Facebook Shouldn't Make Video Chatting Hardware
Facebook Buys Ozlo to Boost its Conversational AI Efforts
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