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Accusations that Facebook Likes 'Fake News' are 'Crap,' Said Zuckerberg
Facebook Pinky Swears it won't Let Anyone (Other than Facebook) Surveil You
Facebook Warns Firms not to Build Surveillance Tools
Facebook Just Took a Surprising Stand on an Important Digital Rights Issue
The Argument for and Against Facebook Messenger Day
Facebook Tells Developers not Use Data for Surveillance
Netflix Could Hold the Key to Ending Facebook’s Echo Chamber
Tech’s Political Impact? “14 People Watch Me on C-SPAN… 1M on Facebook”
Facebook Messenger’s PM Director Martinazzi Leaves After Launching Day
This Week in Apps: Facebook's Latest Snapchat Clone, Barbie's Sparkle Blast and Astro's AI Powered Email
Facebook Live Streams Coming to Samsung Gear VR
That Time Facebook Went Too Far
Oculus Introduces Facebook Livestreaming, Oculus Voice in New Update
Facebook will Stream Live MLS Soccer Matches this Season
Get Ready for More Ads in Facebook's Instant Articles
Facebook Dips its Gigantic Toe into the U.S. Sports Scene
Facebook’s Video Strategy Nets 1,055% Higher Share Rate than YouTube
Dakota Access Protesters Fighting Warrant to Search their Facebook Accounts
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