Facebook stories

Facebook Wants Great Power, but What About Responsibility?
The Morning After: More Problems for Facebook
The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are Coming Together to Fight Facebook and Google
Maryland Legislature Passes Plan to Regulate Political Ads on Facebook, Billed as Nation's First Such Policy
Facebook Messenger's “Your Emoji” Status Tells Friends What's up
Pinterest Integrates Deeper with Facebook with a New Bot and Messenger Extension
Facebook Founder Zuckerberg Volunteers in Dallas Neighborhood
Facebook Dumps 'Disputed Flags' on Fake News for Context
Facebook is Testing a 'Downvote' Button
Facebook Prohibits Developers from Using Data for 'Surveillance'
Facebook Sees New Backlash for Leaked Memo Promoting Growth Over Safety
Actually, Mark Zuckerberg is GLAD You're Using Facebook Less
What the Facebook News Feed Change Means for Real Estate Pros
Facebook Didn't Kill its Language-building AI Because it was Too Smart-it was Actually Too Dumb
Mark Zuckerberg: People are Spending 50 Million Fewer Hours on Facebook a Day
Sean Parker: Facebook Hacks Vulnerability in Human Psychology
Snag Takes Facebook Down Across World: Report
Facebook has Big Plans for its Video Business. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is on Facebook's Board. Discuss.
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