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Facebook GIF Maker Now Available on iOS: Here's What the New Camera Feature Can do
Facebook is Testing a New Gif-making Feature for iPhone Users
ProBeat: Facebook Wants to Start a VR Price War
Facebook Tests a GIF Maker on iOS
Facebook Camera GIFs are Becoming a Reality
Can Facebook Fix VR's Most Frustrating Problems in One Fell Swoop?
Facebook to Unveil Wireless VR Headset for the Masses
Facebook Messenger Gets Adverts Added to App
Go Live on Facebook from Spaces VR App
Facebook Brings Live Broadcasting to its Spaces Virtual Reality App
Brands are Licking their Lips at Facebook's Plan to Display Ads Globally on Messenger
Facebook Gives Advertisers More Space with Messenger Ads (And We Have a Bad Feeling About this)
Facebook Messenger Home Screen Ads Rolling Out Worldwide
Facebook is Taking its Messenger Ads Worldwide
Facebook Messenger Globally Tests Injecting Display Ads into Inbox
Someone Named Jayden K. Smith is not Trying to Hack your Facebook
Who's Jayden K Smith? Whoever He Is, He's not Going to Hack your Facebook.
Facebook's Messenger Ads are Bad and Must Be Destroyed
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