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Child Advocates Urge Facebook to End Messenger Kids
Child Experts: Just Say 'No' to Facebook's Kids App
Child Experts: Just Say 'No' to Facebook's Kids App
Facebook is Putting More “Local News” in your Feed. That's a Lot Harder than it Sounds.
Facebook to Push More Local News into your Feed
Facebook Updates Branded Content Policy, Clarifies Which Posts will Pass
It's Time for Facebook's News Feed to Explain Itself
Facebook is Adding Monetization for Streamers
Facebook to Prioritize “trustworthy” News Feed
The Reason your Facebook and Instagram Feeds are Looking Bare
Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Suffer Worldwide Crashes
Facebook and Google Have Purposely Fostered User Addiction
Facebook Goes Down Thursday Morning. People (predictably) Freak Out.
Facebook News Feed Changes: Why You Don't Need a New Strategy
Facebook Feigns Accountability with 'Trusted' News Survey
Facebook Survey to Determine News Trustworthiness has Two Questions
Facebook Acquires ID Authentication Startup Confirm.io
Why Did Facebook Just Buy this Company that Verifies Government-Issued IDs?
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