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Original Pixel Phone Users are Suing Google Over Microphone Defects
Firefox Releases New Ultra-fast Web Browser to Take on Google Chrome
Google Tweaks Search Snippets to Try to Stop Serving Wrong, Stupid and Biased Answers
Will Google Move to Block Adverts?
Google Gives Developers Text-to-speech Capabilities
Google Leak Reveals Pixel 2 'Shape Change'
Malicious Minecraft Apps in Google Play Enslave your Device to a Botnet
Google Maps Users Start Seeing Parking Space Details
Google Hopes Cord-cutters will Sign up for YouTube TV: 44 Channels for $35
This Could Be the Google Home Mini
Google, Dutch Researchers Unlock Key Internet Security Tech
Google CEO: 11 Phones will Start Daydreaming Before 2018
Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: 5 Annoying Things and their Possible Solutions
Google Launches 'Trusted Contacts' Location Sharing App on iOS
Google Gives Developers New Features, Languages for Assistant
Google's Secret, Billion-dollar Magic Leap Prototype Leaked
Google Yanks YouTube from Amazon Devices as Bitter Feud Heats up
Could Google Give Fintech Apps a Needed Boost?
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