Google stories

Google Blasts Piracy Site-block Bill
Google is Raiding Firefox for Chrome's Next UI Features
More Fines Incoming? Google’s Solution to its EU Antitrust Woes is ‘Meaningless,’ Rivals Claim
Google to Vet Political Advertisers for European Parliament Elections
After 20,000 Workers Walked Out, Google Said it Got the Message. The Workers Disagree.
Google Adds Indoor Positioning to Android’s Find my Device
Google's Night Sight Camera Mode is Pretty Darn Impressive
Google's Cloud Business Under Greene was Plagued by Internal Clashes and Missed Acquisitions
Google Makes all Movie Rentals Just 99 Cents for Thanksgiving
Google Helps Boost High Street Spending with Search
Google Envisions Smart Roller Skates for Walking Endlessly in VR
The Recent Google Walk-out Inspired an Employee to Make a Workplace Complaint Public
Google Chromecast Can Now Sync Music with Home Speakers
Google Halts Glucose-sensing Contact Lens Project
Google May Add Public Comments for Searches
The Worst Times for Traffic During Thanksgiving Week, According to Google Maps Data
Google Maps is the New Social Network
Google: Android Pie will Hit More Devices in 2018 than Oreo Did in 2017
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