Twitter stories

Twitter Surprises with Revenue Turnaround, Shares Surge
Twitter's 280 Character Limit Increased Engagement Without Increasing the Average Tweet Length
Twitter Says People are Tweeting More, but not Longer, with 280-character Limit
PornHub, Twitter Ban 'Deepfake' AI-Modified Porn
Twitter is Removing Face-swapped AI Porn from its Platform, Too
Twitter and Pornhub Ban 'Deepfake' Face-swap Porn Videos
Twitter is the Latest Platform to Ban AI-Generated Porn
Twitter 'Taking Cues' from Snapchat and Testing Update that Makes the Camera More Accessible
Twitter Created a Photo Tool that Knows Where You'll Look First
Why Twitter's Future Just Got even Darker
Top Twitter Executive Departs, Putting Pressure on Jack Dorsey
Anthony Noto Leaving Twitter to Take Role at Social Finance Inc
Russia-linked Twitter Accounts are Working Overtime to Help Devin Nunes and WikiLeaks
Twitter is Notifying Anyone Who Followed a Russian Spam Account
Twitter to Notify Users Exposed to Russian Propaganda During US Elections
Twitter Finds Over 1000 New Russian-linked Accounts
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Pressed Over Terror Content
Twitter Reacts to the CES 2018 Blackout
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