Facebook has more female users but much more male journalists covering it


Men vs Women

It was probably just a statistical anomaly. There’s not chance that a social network that is comprised 3:2 women over men would intentionally invite a shockingly high percentage of male journalists to their biggest press event in a while, right?

They sent out invites to the publications and by strange coincidence, the ratio of male journalists covering it versus women was a staggering 18:1 according to Buzzfeed (who by sheer fate ended up sending one of the women who attended the event).

As you can see in the image below, the event to announce the new Facebook news feed redesign was more male-dominated than a beard shaving convention.

Men Covering Facebook

As you can see in the infographic below, social media is wildly popular amongst women. Only a handful of social networks like Reddit are oriented more towards men and as any Reddit user would tell you, that’s shifting a little more towards the female side every day.

Men vs Women on Social Media

Men vs Women on Social Media

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