Has social media gone beyond recording life to influencing life?


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One of the initial promises of the internet was realized when social media started taking hold a few years ago. Constant communication and the ability to reach out and engage with others around the globe became more than just a dream once sites like MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook opened the doors for our lives at every level to be detailed for anyone to see. The options to keep it personal are still available but so many have chosen to give access to anyone willing to take it. Lives are recorded in fine detail on social media every day.

That’s nothing new. What has really been emerging in the last few years may have reached a tipping point in 2012. Social media isn’t just recording our lives. It’s influencing them. Through social media, actions are not only being reported but also being manifested in reality as a result of these social sites. Take a look at the trends presented in the infographic below. It’s clear that there has been a shift and that there’s no signs of it changing back to the way it was before.

The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company

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