Hybrid Technology Goes Into The Gutter

Allianz 4000 hybrid sweeper image

Allianz 4000 hybrid sweeper image

Hybrid vehicle sales account for less than 3 percent of auto sales overall. Despite this surprisingly low figure in the midst of unrelenting buzz, hybrid technology will only become more prevalent over the next couple of years. Evidence of that was on display at the recent 2010 LA Auto Show, where many automakers showed off new hybrids that were destined to reach showrooms in the near future.

But consumers aren’t the only ones looking to gain miles per gallon and curb emissions. Even the most unlikely of vehicles benefits from cutting-edge hybrid technology: street sweepers.

“A sweeper is not a typical light duty truck and therefore we need to be able to accommodate many different functions including transport, sweeping, dust control and emission compliance,” said Allianz sales manager Chad Bormann.

Bormann is referring to the Allianz 4000 Electric Hybrid sweeper, the world’s first purpose-built hybrid street sweeper. Aside from being able to make cities a little cleaner, this sweeper boasts a 40 percent increase in fuel economy, significantly reduced emissions, and reduced noise levels, when compared to a standard diesel-only sweeper.

“This was not easy, and other manufacturers have had little positive outcome or success in capturing the correct technology blend to actually make it happen,” said Walter Pusic, Allianz Sweeper Company Vice President. “Allianz Sweeper Company has been aggressive and diligent to incorporate current state-of-the-art electric hybrid technology to successfully accomplish our stringent goals to provide the industry with this incredible machine with no-compromise. It is time to make a difference, and the Allianz 4000 Electric Hybrid is the game changer.”

Powering the Alliance 4000 hybrid sweeper is a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine that’s mated to two 12-volt lithium-ion batteries and an electric-traction drive system.

As with consumer hybrids, the Alliance 4000 isn’t exactly a model of performance.  It can reach a lofty top speed of 60 mph and it will still travel at less than 7 mph when cleaning roads. So, when you’re stuck behind one of these, at least you’ll know that it’s helping to keep more than just the roads clean.

Guest Post by David Lux:

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