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Mind-Controlled Moog Theremin Ain’t No Mozart, But It Sure Is Cool

It would be a day wasted if I didn’t show you a bafflingly unique piece of musical technology, so check this out.

Rob Schneider (no, not that one) has modded a Mattel Mindflex toy to control a Moog synthesizer using EEG sensors that monitor the intensity of his thoughts. Truly this is the threshold of future-radness, but if you haven’t hit play yet, be warned: this isn’t exactly going to be the most beboppingest jazz flute you’ve ever heard, or anything. Controlling music with your thoughts is hard. But remember: it’s not how well the pig is dancing, but that it’s dancing at all.

I think that’s a Mark Twain quote, or something. Anyway, assuming this sentence isn’t already after the jump, check out an additional video of Rob’s difficulties with the Mindflex theremin after the jump.

What do you think?

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