Nintendo entertainment system toaster


Nintendo entertainment system toaster

As gamers you are aware that although a new system comes in and excitement in trying it and buying it builds, we still hold a special spot for our old gaming consoles.

If you were an 80’s kid like me than at one point the Nintendo gaming system was new and never retro, however those days have come and long gone and many kids today may not ever know the feeling one gets when playing Duck Hunt, but I digress.

Everything old can be new again, or at least refurbished, as you can see this amazing Nintendo entertainment system has been turned into a toaster – that should get you up in the mornings.

Designed by MyBurningEyes from DevianArt, this bad boy is not just an old home for Mario and the gang it is fully operational and can now pop some decent toast or pop tarts, depending on what level your mood is on.


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