Pinterest may be changing the social commerce game, but why?


Pinterest Wall

Pinterest is starting to enter into the social media in ways that most sites only dream about. Other than Google+, it’s the fastest growing social site in the last year with 329% growth in the last 4 months of 2011 alone. We get more questions on our social media podcast about Pinterest the last month than we get about Facebook. Why is the spotlight shining so brightly on this relative-newcomer to the social world?

The answer is pretty simple. With a base target audience of 25-45 year-old women, the site is a mecca for things like fashion, recipes, and male pectorals. This exposure has gotten the attention of the other demographics, so now there are an equal number of funny images, interesting videos, infographics, and stunning photography filling the site.

Another portion of the answer is simplicity. It’s as easy (if not easier) than posting to Facebook or Twitter, plus posting to Pinterest allows you to immediately repost the content to Facebook and Twitter anyway. It’s a middle-man stop that has its own separate culture attached, perfect for those who want to expand, simplify, or purify their social media experience.

This graphic by our friends at Monetate breaks down the recent successes of Pinterest as well as answering the question of the site’s viability from a social commerce perspective. Click to enlarge.


(Source: Monetate. H/T: Mobility Vehicle Financing)

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