Simplify voice conference meetings


Simplify voice conference meetings

Currently we are usually stuck in board rooms trying to gather around close enough to incorporate any virtual members of our company’s team. Or we have bound to computers or less than good quality mobile phones that make us sound robotic.

Hallo is designed to be light; easy to carry so you can move from room to room with stable clarity. This voice conference hub has hi-fidelity microphones built in with Wi-Fi and Skype (VOIP) syncing capabilities.


Hallo is created by Pushstart Creative, with the idea of you being able to remain mobile, hands free and cordless, yet still able to communicate flawlessly with their device. It is slim enough to put in a briefcase or any normal sized bag so you can carry it with you while you are on the move, therefore allowing you to carry on with life even when a conference call is pending.

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