The Google Glass effect


Google Glass Smiling

It’s not a coincidence that Google is the target of numerous attacks from journalists, politicians, and even bar owners. The technology is a true game-changer. It has the potential to push us further into the world of wearable tech. Soon, we may all be accepting of our Borg overlords.

One of the effects that this is going to have is one of polarization. People on both sides of the aisle will be voicing their opinions strongly one way or another. You can either love Google Glass or hate it – there’s not much room for anything in between. Even our own coverage of it has been pretty darn aggressive over the last month:

If you think the debate is hot now, just wait until launch. Love it or hate it. That’s all.

There is, however, another potential effect of Google Glass. As we discovered on Imgur, it might actually force us to change the way we see thing. Literally.

Google Glass Effects


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