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The Wedding Planner

You’ve finally met the right person. They have all the qualities you love and look for in a significant other. Now you’re engaged and it’s time to plan the wedding. This is where the problems start. What colors should you choose? Is this really the cake you want? Those invitations are hideous and I refuse to send them to my family. Is there anything that can help? Social media may be the answer you are looking for.

The most obvious choice to help you plan your wedding currently is Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to create online boards that you can pin images or videos to. This allows you to create a wedding dress board and pin images of wedding dresses you may like. You can always have all of your possible choices right in front of you and work on making a decision. The same goes for all the other parts of your wedding from your centerpieces to your bridesmaids’ dresses. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, even if you can’t find something that is exactly what you are looking for you will often discover a starting point.

Another great social media site that helps make wedding planning easy is one that is designed specifically with weddings in mind. lets you select a color base to start and then presents you with images of wedding related items that fit into that color scheme. For example, if you were planning a “purple wedding” you’d select purple on’s color palette and find all sorts of images that contain objects to make your wedding perfect. The images all link back to the source of the image, so you won’t have to go crazy searching for the cake you saw in that picture.

Has social media made planning your perfect wedding a little easier? In theory, yes, it has. Although I’d say most grooms would prefer less choices, while the brides appreciate being able to see every possible purple bouquet online. Sorry gentlemen, just sit there nicely and nod, it’s really the only choice.

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