Why retail loves Pinterest


Pregnant Girl on Pinterest

It’s all a matter of expectations. When we go to Facebook, we expect to see our friends and family detailing (often too much so) their lives through pictures and declarations that range from mundane to awesome. When we go to Twitter, we expect to see news from trusted sources (depending on who you’re following) and quick tidbits from our friends. When we go to Google+, we expect to see people talking about why others should be on Google+.

When we go to Pinterest, we expect to see cool things to buy (amongst other things, of course).

That’s why they just got a lot of money.

This expectation has been set by the prevalence of pricing available on pins as well as the domination by women posting beautiful and/or useful items. There are thing for weddings, pregnant women, and beauty items that fill the pages and make consumers covetous of various (for lack of a better word) things.

Retail stores online love Pinterest if they’re using it. Non-retail businesses are having a much harder time getting traction on the site. This graphic comes to us from Atlanta Mercedes and shows some of the features of Pinterest that make it work so well for retail while having very little effect on other industries.

Retail and the Driving Force of Pinterest
From: Shopify

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