Digg To Debut Doozy iPhone App

Doing its best to keep it real as Facebook and Twitter grab the Zeitgeist, Digg today introduces its all-new iPhone App.

Digg founder and CEO, Kevin Rose, hinted at the new software last year, now we learn it offers a deep user experience including support for browsing popular, upcoming, and recent stories across topics. You also get to Digg and bury stories using the app on your iPhone.

While the new App is kind of fun it is pretty serious business for Digg, which is currently overhauling its site and adding new buttons and widgets as it fights to retain its tech-savvy audience.

Digg has offered an iPhone-optimised version of its site since 2007. We believe there will be versions of the Digg App offered up to Android and BlackBerry smartphones in future.

Via: Mashable

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