TheAppleBlog Pretends that Apple Offers 30,000 Free eBooks

Yesterday The Apple Blog announced that the new iPad was going to be offering 30,000 free eBooks. The thing is, the free books are all hosted at Project Gutenberg (and have been for years) so any device with a web browser can access these eBooks, even a Blackberry. The headline, “iPad to Offer 30,000 Free e-Books at Launch” actually downplays their generosity.

In point of fact, you can go read the 30,000 books RIGHT NOW on whatever machine you are reading this article! Apple’s offer is so downright selfless that you don’t even need to buy the iPad, you can still get the 30,000 books anway by clicking here now!

Who knows why don’t they also point out the millions of Free Videos coming at iPad launch, via Next it will be, “Go ahead guys, go out there and help yourselves to the sample tables in the grocery store, courtesy of Apple.”

Strangely, there’s not a word about iPads on the Project Gutenberg page.

VIA: TheAppleBlog

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