This Sony Concept Lets Your Booty Feel The Beat

We’ve all heard of the hand massage, but what about the sound massage? Perhaps that idea won’t be so foreign after feasting your eyes on the Sony Sound Lounge, a concept design by Sharifah Nasser.

Nasser has created something that looks futuristic, classic, and eloquent all at the same time — it is a coffee table with a sound system built right in, and anyone who loves music has to at least wonder what this thing would be like in person.

Now it is true that seeing this thing in a home might be a tad bit awkward, but the thought of the Sony Sound Lounge in a recording studio or high-class office building is certainly intriguing. We could think of worse things to furnish an office with.

The only disappointing thing is that there isn’t any mention of how much bass this thing can pump out. We say it should take us back to the ’90s and put the booty bass genre back on top!

[via YankoDesign]

By James Mowery

James Mowery is a passionate technology journalist and entrepreneur who has written for various top-tier publications like Mashable and CMSWire. Follow him on Twitter: @JMowery.

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