WritePad Brings Handwriting Recognition to iPad

The WritePad is an iPad application that identifies a person’s handwriting. The WritePad allows users to write down information in their own handwriting with their finger or using the iPad pen. The handwriting application will learn a person’s handwriting over time.

WritePad can do things that a notebook can’t. The WritePad can do simple tasks that you would find in a Microsoft Word program such as select text, copy, cut, paste, insert special characters, spelling and grammar check and auto-corrector. WritePad also comes with a Shorthand feature which allows users to do editing tasks, insert the current date and time, and any text that might be repeated by simply writing a short name and drawing a circle around it. Users can also translate what they have written into 13 different languages by using the Bing Translator.

“For many years our handwriting recognition software was available on numerous mobile devices including iPhone and others, but only now we have found the perfect hardware match – Apple iPad,” said Stanislav Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corp., in a press release. “Today I am pleased to announce WritePad for iPad – the world’s most advanced handwriting recognition software designed for iPad.”

The WritePad also allows users to swap documents over Wi-Fi through two or more iPad or iPhone devices and to download files onto a desktop computer.

WritePad is now available through the Appstore.

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